Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is a Knowledge Hub database?
A: Knowledge –Hub is a collection of e- journals, e-books, e-articles, e-newspapers, e-newsletters, case reports, sample issues, jobs information, recent news/events/conference information(subscribed subjects), etc. on a single platform.
Q:How do I access K-hub?
A: You will need to login using your USER NAME and Password. Please note that K-hub is available only on Institutional Subscription. Other users who may have been granted e-rsources on a limited basis (eg Visitor accounts) may not have access.
Q: What is a full-text database?
A: If some of the records in a database contain the full text of the articles, which can be viewed on and printed from your computer, then the database is a full-text database.Not all records in a full-text database will have the full-text of the article.
Q:Can't I find these articles on the web with a Yahoo or Google search?
A: It is possible that you could find the articles, but not very likely. Most of what is found on these databases is not available for free. The library buys a license for these databases so students and faculty can access them.
Q: Which database should I use?
A: That depends on what you're looking for. It is often a good idea to start with Knowledge Hub because it has a wide variety of articles, journals, books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, case reports etc.
Q: What is the difference between a journal and a magazine?
A: "Journal" is library shorthand for "Scholarly Journal". An article in a scholarly journal represents the research that scholar has undertaken. An article in a magazine isn't usually written by a scholar and may or may not represent original research.
Q: Do all databases search the same way?
A: The basics of searching remain the same for all databases, but each database has its own quirks. It is always worthwhile to check the database's help screens to see what those quirks are.
Q: K-Hub site is asking me for a password. What's the password?
A: K-Hub sites routinely ask for passwords when you try to access material outside of our agreements with the publishers. I wish these sites explained that clearly, but they don't. The only password the library has is the one for off-campus K-HUB use.
Q: What does it mean when I get the “You are not authorized to view this page” message?
A: If you are trying to access a library subscription (journal article, database, etc.) from off-campus, you will first need to log in using your name and password provided to you. If you are on campus, or have already successfully logged in from off campus, there might be a problem with the subscription provider. Please let a librarian know about the problem, and tell them if you are on or off campus and the steps you took trying to access the item.
Q: The library catalog shows that we should have access to a journal but I am being asked for a user name and password?
A: Some journals and databases have a “My Journal/Database” service. If you register, this will usually allow you to save searches and articles. This is an optional service, and you do not need to register on a site in order to view the articles.
Q:How do I find full text from K-hub?
A: You may be able to access the full-text of the item you need via a full-text database or electronic journal subscribed by the library. If you see one or more options under the heading ‘View Full-Text’, click on any of them and you should be brought to the right page to download the article. In most cases you will be sent directly to the article itself, in rare situations you will be sent to the online journal homepage and you have to do further searching within that page to find the article. But what if there are no View Full-Text options, or in cases where View Full-Text Options fail? Does that mean the library definitely doesn't have access? Not necessarily.
Q: How can I download journals/articles from Wiley, Ingenta , Springer etc?
A: You have access to electronic resources via the library's subscription. However, not every article is available for download, for example the library usually only has online coverage for journals for Wiley InterScience, Springer etc. only for abstracts. In this case you can read only abstracts.
Q: How do I get more specialized help with my research or thesis from K-Hub?
A: We provide you general guides on resources that are useful for your research. However if you need more specialised help, we can help you in various ways with our K-Hub Database, including: • finding full text of articles, • formatting search queries and other techniques to find relevant articles/thesis or reports.
Q: What browsers are compatible with K-Hub?
A: The following browsers are compatible with the current K-hub version 1.1: • Internet Explorer versions 8 or Higher • Firefox all versions 2 or 3 • Google Chrome all versions
For any other question, please feel free to contact us : 011-2559 4233 or send your e-mail on